From the President’s Desk

Dear all,

The world we live in today lacks no facilities for creature comforts and ideally we should be leading healthier and happier lives than a century back. But unfortunately it is a fact that lifestyle diseases are on the rise. It is high time that we woke up to the fact and took measures that can redeem this situation. Worldwide stroke is the the second commonest cause of mortality and this is a cause for concern. Though highly developed infrastructure, skilled physicians and paramedical staff are available, delay in patient reaching the hospital is a major cause for poor outcome. This becomes very relevant in the treatment of stroke where time is brain and medical intervention at the right time plays a major role in the recovery process.

We have to realize that this can happen only if we have a medically literate public. We often fail to see that what appears to be common sense to a medical practitioner might be knowledge that is out of reach of the ordinary individual, even if he is educated. For instance, very few people know how to respond to medical emergencies like a heart attack or the onset of stroke or the importance of risk factor control in stroke prevention. Here is where public awareness programs play an important part. As a responsible medical association, we at the Indian Stroke Association have to be proactive in the implementation of such awareness programs like workshops and health camps for the public. We cannot afford to be inactive at this juncture, when the government is willing to lend wholehearted support.

Raising public awareness of disease and cure might appear to be an uphill task in a poor country like India where a major part of the population is illiterate or semi-literate. But we have achieved the impossible in the past, eradicating numerous life-threatening diseases by the sheer determination and selflessness of medical practitioners . So let us work for a healthy society.

Dr. P.N. Sylaja

From the Secretary’s Desk

Dear all,

Indian Stroke Association is a leading scientific and professional organisation of stroke specialists of the country having more than 800 members in its fold. Stroke or Brain Attack as all of us know is one of the important causes of mortality and mortality in our country. Change in life style has contributed to the increased incidence of stroke,especially stroke in the young.

Indian Stroke Association has been working to improve the awareness about stroke, its early detection and management not only amongst the medical profession but the public at large. Recent advances in the management of acute stroke, rehabilitation and its preventive strategies have improved stroke care in the country to a large extent. ISA is working in collaboration with World Stroke Organisation (WSO), European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation (APSO) to improve stroke care globally.

Looking forward for the valuable suggestions and contributions from all members of ISA to improve stroke care in our country.

Dr. V.G. Pradeep Kumar